With teams from all around the world, viewership of World Cup games is huge. We looked into how much people plan to watch, and who the fanatics are.

43% of US population report they will watch the World Cup in some way:

Excluding those who won’t watch 26% are committed and say they will watch all or close to all of it:

Let’s look at the all in viewers.

It’s not just men watching the World Cup every single day: It’s almost a 50/50 split in gender, as well as the ‘most of it’ crew:

The World Cup has fans around the world, but when looking at Americans vs. just Hispanic or Latino Americans, the later are 2x more likely to be watching all of the World Cup compared to their counterparts.

Fans who self-report they are watching all of the World Cup are nearly 2x more likely to be Millennials, compared to the general pop:

But Gen Z is up there with them:

They are also more likely frequent movie-goers:

Maybe the younger generation is growing into being World Cup fans via social media engagement–especially those planning to watch it all:

Whether they are watching the games on YouTube or not, World Cup watchers are more likely to be active on the platform.

While the World Cup viewer base is skewing Hispanic, it’s worth noting that its younger audience is potentially bringing in more and more fans through social media. We’ll look forward to seeing how this grows with the next Cup four years down the road.