Innovative Polling Product Taps Essential Insights for Marketers

PORT WASHINGTON, NEW YORK, September 30, 2013 – The NPD Group, Inc., a global information company, is now the exclusive sales agent for DeepProfileTM  from CivicScience, a next-generation polling and data mining company.

DeepProfile helps marketers uncover essential information about their customers, including brand preferences, shopping behavior, technology usage, media consumption, and other attributes.  To collect this information, CivicScience surveys visitors on hundreds of Web and mobile sites, collecting hundreds of thousands of data points per day.  By connecting answers to respondents’ cookies over time, CivicScience builds deep and unique profiles of tens of millions of consumers. Proprietary data mining technology analyzes these consumer profiles to uncover critical patterns and correlations.

“We have a number of marquee customers who use DeepProfile to support quick-turn, hyper-targeted decision-making,” said John Dick, CEO of CivicScience. “But NPD has an unmatched reputation, expertise, and a client list of over 2,000 of the world’s leading brands. They can take this product to market in a way we could never do on our own, allowing our scientists to focus on building our next wave of remarkable products.”

Relying on powerful data mining technology, DeepProfile reports are produced for clients in a matter of days and are coveted for their ability to uncover even hard-to-reach consumer groups.  Branded as a tool for “Answering the Questions You Never Thought to Ask,” DeepProfile gives actionable, unexpected insights to senior marketing executives.

“DeepProfile gives us fast, C-level-ready insights about our most persuadable consumers and enables us to optimally allocate our marketing resources to reach them,” said Steven C. Nelson, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield.

“It’s never been more vital to know your customer, and DeepProfile provides a level of information that marketers haven’t had in the past,” said Karyn Schoenbart, President and COO of NPD.  “It’s a truly unique product that we believe will inspire innovation among our customers as they see new opportunities for building brand recognition and growing their businesses.”

Example:  From DeepProfile for “Retailer X”

CivicScience used DeepProfile to help a leading retailer, Retailer X, better understand their customers, by matching survey respondents who are loyal to Retailer X with other attributes.  Here are some of the insights uncovered:

The Retailer X Shopper is more likely to be a woman aged 25-44 and 16% less likely to be white. She is almost 76% more likely to speak 3 or more languages and 24% more likely to live in the city. She is 12% more likely to spend more than 5 hours per month on Facebook and 59% more likely to read political blogs regularly. She is 81% more likely to be very concerned with income inequality in the US, but not as concerned about the job market. She is three times as likely to value brand over price in purchase decisions and 61% more likely to shop regularly on the Internet. She loves to cook, has a smartphone, and is less likely to have kids.

About CivicScience, Inc.

CivicScience is a next-generation, polling and data mining company.  The company partners with hundreds of premier Websites to survey millions of people every week.  Proprietary technology then rapidly analyzes consumer opinion, discovers trends in real-time, and accurately predicts market outcomes.  CivicScience is used by leading enterprises in an array of industries including marketing research, advertising, digital media, financial services, and political polling.  For more information, visit or follow them on Twitter@CivicScience.

About The NPD Group, Inc.

The NPD Group provides global information and advisory services to drive better business decisions.  By combining unique data assets with unmatched industry expertise, we help our clients track their markets, understand consumers, and drive profitable growth.  Sectors covered include automotive, beauty, consumer electronics, entertainment, fashion, food / foodservice, home, luxury, mobile, office supplies, sports, technology, toys, and video games.  For more information, visit and  Follow us on Twitter:@npdgroup.