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MoviePass has risen from the dead. After closing in 2019, amid financial troubles and service blackouts, the subscription-based movie ticketing platform announced plans to relaunch last year. It returned with beta testing earlier this year and recently expanded service nationwide, with tiered pricing (from $10-30 per month) depending on your market and desired number of movies per month.

The revamped MoviePass must now contend with AMC Stubs A-List, a similar monthly subscription plan that the theater chain introduced in 2018 before MoviePass initially shuttered. CivicScience asked Americans about their experience with these movie theater ticket subscription services, and while they remain a niche interest, there’s still some growth potential. Thirteen percent of U.S. adults have tried one of these plans before, and an additional 8% would consider using one in the future.

Outside of the major tentpoles, theaters have struggled in recent years to maintain consistent, pre-pandemic business levels – even if some of the said tentpoles are among the highest-grossing films of all time. So subscription plans offer movie-goers a chance to get back in the rhythm of going to the theater on a regular basis. 

According to CivicScience data, the greatest share of movie ticket subscription intenders comes from those who go to the movies less than once a month (13% would consider using a service). Surprisingly, there are even more movie-goers who go just once a year considering a ticket subscription service (8%) than monthly movie-goers (4%) – although the frequent movie-goers are much more likely to have already used one.

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