As 420 rolls around once again, CivicScience checked in on how Americans feel about legalized marijuana and its broader acceptance in society. 

CivicScience survey data from the last three months show that nearly 70% of U.S. adults (ages 21 or older) reported that they’d support the legalization of marijuana in their respective states. 

And this sentiment has been evolving, too. Always-on trending survey data show that support has risen by almost 10 percentage points since 2016. 

When specifically observing those who are in opposition, the data show that it’s somewhat a proxy for political leaning. 

Cannabis Usage Today 

Support for legalization doesn’t necessarily correlate with how often someone uses cannabis. Within the last few months, the data show that only 10% of U.S. adults 21 and older use cannabis on a monthly basis or more. Another 5% use it a few times a year. The vast majority of the population – 85% – report that they rarely or never use cannabis. 

Among those who do use cannabis, roughly half report that they’re most often smoking it. Vaporizing and edibles are the next most common methods. 

Younger adults (who use cannabis) are more likely to use vaporizers while those 55 or older are the most likely to use tinctures, balms, or other methods. 

Another interesting stat: TikTok users who also use cannabis over-index for using edibles when compared to other social media site users. 

As more states and residents push for legalization, CivicScience will continue to track sentiment.