Retailers implemented a variety of new tactics during the 2015 holiday season. Some had pre-Black Friday sales, hoping to get consumers shopping earlier in the season, while other retailers defied the norm by staying closed on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. How did shoppers respond to the changes? And what new trends emerged in 2015 that retailers need to be thinking about while planning for 2016?

From September 2015 to the end of December 2015, we polled over 89,000 consumers on their holiday shopping behaviors. In a report published yesterday, we share the top 5 things we learned from the 2015 holiday shopping season. Here are the five high-level findings:

  1. The shift to online shopping shows no signs of slowing down.
  2. Cyber Monday may soon eclipse Black Friday as the official start of the holiday shopping season.
  3. Retailers need to fix the in-store shopping experience, fast.
  4. There’s plenty to understand about the last minute shopper.
  5. Shoppers become less budget-conscious as the season progresses.

Consumers’ shopping preferences and behaviors are continuously changing, and it’s crucial for retailers to keep up with the emerging trends. This report will help inform retailers of consumers’ shifting preferences, enabling them to better plan for 2016.

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