With the holidays upon us, CivicScience pulled its trending restaurant data and compared it with holiday shopping intent to serve you up a few insights around what we’re seeing for dining out this month.

The more people plan to spend this holiday, the more casual their dining. Those who plan to spend more this holiday compared to last year are the most likely to eat at fast casual restaurants the most often (23%), and the least likely of the three spending categories to dine most often at casual establishments (32%). 

Somewhat fast shoppers prefer fast casual. Those who are already about halfway done with their holiday shopping (survey data shown from the last 7 days) are also the most likely to frequent fast casual restaurants.

More take-out, more holiday debt. Those who plan to take on any debt at all this holiday go out to eat and order take-out much more than those who will not take on debt.

Starbucks reigns supreme in holiday beverages. Most of us like to indulge in a seasonal holiday beverage or two. When asking the adult population which chain has the best one, Starbucks surpasses Dunkin’, and in third place is McDonald’s.*

While some of these insights may be intuitive, it’s interesting to see that spending intent impacts where people dine out, and that holiday debt correlates with dining habits. But again, everything affects everything.

*We’ll publish a fun piece about holiday beverages, digging into the demographics a bit, so stay tuned.