The period care industry has long been dominated by a few major brands. Those who can count on getting a period once a month are likely familiar with the key players such as Always or Playtex. In a CivicScience survey of U.S. women 18 and older, 35% gave Always brand a positive rating. Similar positive experiences were counted for sister-brand Tampax (which only offers tampons), setting it as the second-most favorable period care brand among adult women in America.

Like with many products on the market today, whether personal care, health and wellness, food, or otherwise, organic options appear next to their non-organic counterparts for the health-conscious consumer. There are almost more all-natural period care brands than there are conventional ones. 

CivicScience polling reveals overall experience with all-natural period care brands is niche. Among the brands studied, Honey Pot was the more popular brand with an aggregate experience of 6%.

A simple comparison of logos shows a shift to minimalist, neutral branding. Whether that is to appeal to a more diverse consumer base or to parallel the “free from…” value proposition, it’s hard to say. With few data points on experience to analyze, all we can do is collect more information. 

A brief dive into consumer experiences with the top non-organic brand and the top organic brand studied, shows the true colors of the younger demographics. While Honey Pot claims very little experience from any age group, the highest positive experience (5%) is found among women under 30. Always is most popular among women between 30 and 44, and those under 30 report the greatest percentage of negative experiences (6%).

As more shoppers become acquainted with their period care options, CivicScience will be tracking preferences and brands to spot trends before they hit. Tune in soon for more insights on all-natural period care sentiment, as well as alternatives products such as menstrual cups and underwear.