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Since its launch last week, Instagram Threads has continued to grow at a rapid pace. Meta recently announced the new microblogging app had passed 100 million users – with nearly 100 million posts composed on the platform.

CivicScience tracked interest in Threads before its official launch, finding promising numbers for its future prospects – and early adoption numbers continue the positive trend. According to the latest CivicScience data, 17% of those familiar with Threads have already tried it, and an even higher percentage still plan to use it (18%). There’s already an opportunity for its user base to double, assuming it can sustain interest beyond the early weeks.

Threads’ feed currently works similarly to Instagram in that accounts you follow will populate the early portion of the scroll, before filling in with celebrity and brand accounts, along with other popular posts. This poses a significant opportunity for brands to get their feet in the door through both advertising and official accounts, while interest might be at its highest. 

CivicScience is constantly tracking brand favorability for hundreds of major companies, and reviewed how a select number of brands’ appeal crosses over with early Threads users. Looking at favorability for five high-profile brands, Target and Lululemon rank most favorable among Threads users, at 70% and 66%, respectively. Both chain dining options – Applebee’s and Wendy’s – had the lowest favorability ratings (50% and 53%, respectively) of the five brands featured.

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