Caution: This may be the geekiest post ever written. I warned you. That said…

This past week marked 20 years since the launch (dare I say, birth?) of the Harry Potter series. Though 20 years have gone by, love for Harry Potter hasn’t faded. Theme parks have continued to surface, and the new fantasy based on the series will premiere this month.

In recognition of this momentous anniversary, I took a look into different traits of Harry Potter houses. No, this isn’t your typical BuzzFeed quiz asking people a series of questions to determine their house. I took another approach.

I began by asking people their house and deriving real-life insights from there. Insights like voting predictors, wine habits, celebrity crushes. Important stuff.

Excluding roughly 2,000 people who don’t identify with any house, here’s what I found:


50% of people say they are Gryffindors

Everybody wants to be a Gryffindor, it seems, but let’s start with the minority House.

The Misunderstood, Slytherin (13%) 

They’re more liberal than you would think. The majority of them are voting for Hillary Clinton, unlike the other Houses. That’s not the only powerful woman in the media who they admire.

Was Jennifer Lawrence a Slytherin? Slytherins are more likely than any other house to favor this talented actress. In fact, 71% of them have a favorable view of her.

They love P.F. Changs. They are more likely than all other houses to favor this modern Chinese restaurant.

They love to exercise. Wizards and witches of this misunderstood house are more likely to exercise several times a week. It’s not just all those Gryffindors (read: Neville Longbottom) getting in shape these days.

Some stereotypes are true. 29% of Slytherins say that their favorite movie genre is horror. That is higher than any other Hogwarts house and doesn’t come as a huge shocker.

When Magic Meets Fun, Hufflepuff (16%)

Hufflepuff is another underrated house, with only 16% of people who identify. Regardless, I found some pretty hysterical insights into these whimsical witches and wizards.

They’re rebels. Hufflepuffs are more likely than all other groups to say they are probably or definitely voting for libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson. Well, technically they’re tied with Ravenclaw. They have admiration for others outside of the political arena also.

You guessed it! No, you didn’t. 32% of Hufflepuffs love the pop sensation, Usher. Maybe he should have made an appearance in the books?

More like Huffle-prep. These wizards are more likely than all other houses to be fans of J. Crew. I may have to re-watch all the movies to see if I spot any recognizable clothing – but I’m not complaining about it. The prep doesn’t stop there.

Hufflepuffs shop designer. They are more likely to buy designer brands, such as Prada, from Nordstrom. Do they have malls at Hogwarts? That could be a deal breaker if not. Sorry Hogwarts – a boy’s got to shop.

They Love to Shop at Trader Joes. 45% of these folks say they love shopping as Trader Joes. This solidifies their place as Trader Joes #1 wizarding fans.

The Ever-So Wise, Ravenclaw (22%)

They also love Hillary. Behind Slytherin, they are the second most likely house to say they’re probably or definitely voting for Hillary Clinton this election.

Government. Ravenclaws are more likely than every other house to be very concerned with high taxes and government regulation.

Country music isn’t their thing. Ravenclaws are most likely to have never heard of Braid Paisley. Seriously, Ravenclaw? Listen and learn!

They’re creatures of the night. You know those Wizards and Witches who stroll around Hogwarts at night? Yep. They must have been Ravenclaws. Ravenclaws are more likely than every other house to consider themselves Night Owls.

Wine makes you wise. It turns out that Ravenclaws may be so wise because of all the wine they drink. They’re more likely than every other house to drink wine regularly.

Last but Not Least, Gryffindor (49%)

Gryffindor – a house after my own heart. Again, 49% of people answered that they would be a Gryffindor, but I would say only a fraction of them would actually be sorted into Gryffindor. Posers, I tell you.

They’re more conservative than you would thinkGryffindors are more likely than any other Hogwarts House to say they are probably or definitely voting for Donald Trump.

They’re young wizards. Gryffindors are more likely than every other house to be under the age of 18. That means no magic outside of Hogwarts for them. They’ve got the trace.

Their lives are exciting. For some us, we have to experience excitement and suspense by watching reality tv shows. These folks don’t need those shows, however. They’re the least likely House to favor reality TV shows.

They’re workaholics. Unlike Hufflepuff wizards, who are more likely to eat breakfast at a restaurant, Gryffindors are more likely than any other house to eat breakfast on the road or at work. There’s no time for leisure when they’re saving the magical world, and what not.

They’re thrifty. Gryffindors are more likely to be price-conscious. Despite their thrifted or hand-me-down brooms, they still kick butt at Quidditch. Money isn’t everything! Pure talent.

Why Does This Matter? 

Well, I suppose in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t. But if you’re like me, Harry Potter played a major part in your childhood, and excitement for the new movie has brought all those feelings back. Why fight them? Embrace the inner child. Also, these insights into Hogwarts houses were just too good not to share.

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