What retailer started as a grocery store in 1946 and is now the second largest department store by retail sales in the United States? Kohl’s of course!

Let’s take a look at the habits and preference of Kohl’s fans.

Kohl’s shoppers are sports fans- Call us surprised on this one. People who have a favorable opinion of Kohl’s are more likely to follow college basketball, the MLB, the NHL and the NFL. They also attend sporting events regularly.

Kohl’s fans will splurge in the beauty aisle – Kohl’s shoppers are less likely to be conscious of price when it comes to shopping for beauty and health products. The department store recently overhauled its 1,100 locations to include beauty products. The retailer shouldn’t shy away from partnering with higher end makeup and skincare brands to appeal to fans.

…But save on electronics– People who shop at Kohl’s are conscious of price when shopping for electronics. However, that doesn’t make them tech-averse. Kohl’s fans are more likely to use ebook readers and to own or want to own a wireless speaker system. The department store has capitalized on this with the use of its new and successful Kohl’s Pay mobile-wallet store card. 

Kohl’s shoppers care- Fans of Kohl’s are more likely to donate to charities. Their preferred causes? Health, environmental, cultural, educational and religious charities. While Kohl’s already has its Kohl’s Cares program, the retailer could consider another specific cause that speaks to the fan base.

Conscious customers shop at Kohl’s- Kohl’s shoppers prefer socially conscious businesses. While not widely known, Kohl’s is one of the more sustainable department stores in the country. By capitalizing on some already established practices and perhaps adding more socially conscious brands to the store, Kohl’s would please its fan base.

Kohl’s shoppers are social- It’s no surprise to see a correlation between social media use and Kohl’s fans. While not a millennial demographic, women between 35-54 prove to be the retailer’s largest fan group. You’ll find this group on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, where they spend an hour or more daily. While we’re sure the store has been targeting a younger group on these networks, it should consider these fans who choose personal electronics and clothes based on social media.

So some surprises, and some givens when it comes to Kohl’s customer demographics. Interested in fans of other brands? Check out CivicScience’s posts on Target, Chipotle and QVC.

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