In June, CivicScience examined how women were going about beauty and skincare routines during the course of the pandemic. As one of the strangest years comes to a close, we checked in on consumer preferences for brand and price.

As was the case in a previous report, mixing and matching beauty brands is still the name of the game, with 79% of women preferring to buy from a variety of brands to suit their needs.

Although the majority of U.S. women prefer to purchase a variety of brands, brand name in general continues to be a greater priority than price. 

COVID Impact on Beauty 

As the data show, in the last month, 68% of women report they are wearing less makeup, as a result of the pandemic. 

And the amount of makeup-wearing in general has continued to decline this year.

Regardless of whether women are wearing more or less makeup, they’re choosing to shop at big-box stores like Target or Walmart. 

And while women across age groups report wearing less makeup as a result of the pandemic, but those between 18 and 24 have scaled back the most.

Income may also play a role, as higher-income women are the most likely to be wearing the same amount of makeup (or more) than they were previously. 

Ultimately, while makeup wearing has seen a decline since the beginning of the pandemic, there are some aspects that still hold true: brand continues to be more important than price and makeup wearers are opting to purchase from big-box stores.