As we get ready for the NFL postseason, online sports betting across the U.S. seems to have rebounded from a preseason malaise. But while many Americans are interested in getting some skin in the game for the playoffs, there might not be as much money on the line as we’ve seen in the past.

According to a recent CivicScience poll, 17% of U.S. adults aged 21 and up are at least ‘somewhat likely’ to place an online sports bet on the NFL playoffs or the Super Bowl — and 1 in 12 are ‘very likely’ to do so.

Since about 14% of U.S. adults (21+) say they’re currently using sports betting apps, that means some folks might be considering dipping their toes in the online sports betting world for the playoffs. In fact, 6% of non-bettors said they were at least somewhat likely to wager on the NFL playoffs. Meanwhile, more than half of betting app users are inclined to make the playoffs a little more interesting.

But unfortunately for companies like DraftKings and FanDuel, the average self-reported bet size of online sports bettors has fallen substantially over the past year-plus. Could concerns about the economy be having an impact on bet size?

While the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl might attract some new gamblers into the mix early in 2023, it appears the betting public at large is less willing to put down large wagers online than they were just one year ago. Book a demo with CivicScience for deeper insights into the online sports betting industry.