Does it surprise you that the Hilton Hotel fan is more likely to be well educated, have a high income, and work as a professional or manager? Or what about the fact that they are 142% more likely than others to leave the continent frequently?

I’m sure those facts aren’t shocking, but you will be surprised to hear the following 10 facts about Hilton Hotel Fans:

  1. The Hilton lover is 77% more likely than others to oppose increasing the federal minimum wage.
  2. Hilton fans are 29% more likely than others to say they like to be around people a lot.
  3. They are 73% more likely than others to choose to fly Delta Airlines if prices and times were competitive.
  4. They are 34% more likely to have blue eyes.
  5. Fans are 24% more likely to believe it is important to shop at locally-owned establishments.
  6. They are 65% more likely than others to say burgers are their favorite summer food and 42% less likely to say corn on the cob is their favorite.
  7. Hilton lovers are 18% more likely than others to be very concerned about consumer privacy.
  8. They are 121% more likely to be very loyal to their favorite brands.
  9. Hilton Hotel fans are 36% more likely to say they never exercise.
  10.  Lastly, they are 47% more likely to prefer sports cars than others.