Even amidst the spread of coronavirus, many minds turn to dating. We are still human, after all. And despite the fact that many regions of the country are under quarantine, we still have a desire for connection. CivicScience asked more than 2,600 U.S. adults about their dating app usage during the current pandemic. 

As the data show, among those who use the apps, more than half are using them about the same as they were before or less, but 21% claim to be using them more.Youngest adults are the most likely to have changed how they are using dating apps during the pandemic. Both Gen Z and Millennials (24% and 22% respectively) have increased their dating app usage.

Quarantine Connection  

For many, one of the biggest life changes caused by the spread of the coronavirus–and efforts to slow its growth–is the need for social distancing. With group gatherings off-limits for the foreseeable future, Americans are being asked to redefine how they interact with those around them. This process is easier for some than others–as the data show. 

Those who are comfortable being alone have demonstrated more consistent usage of dating apps suggesting that the strain on in-person gatherings has not impacted their need to interact with potential romantic leads. On the other hand, over a quarter of people-persons are looking to dating apps more.

In fact, some U.S. adults have even been on a virtual date since the coronavirus outbreak. Twelve percent of those surveyed (rebased excluding those who this does not apply to / are not in the dating world) have been on a virtual date since this all started.

As it stands, people are still active on dating apps despite the pandemic, and some are leaning into it more than others. As lockdowns continue, CivicScience will monitor changes in dating app usage, and also other ways Americans are attempting to make connections and stay in touch.