Every week, CivicScience is asking thousands of different poll questions – some fun and some serious – about the trends and topics of the day. Here are the most popular questions from the past week. Click on the links below to answer yourselves and see the latest results:

Do you ever actively try to avoid someone you know in public?

Do you understand the appeal of ‘Roseanne’?

Overall, do you feel good about how your tax dollars are spent?

Do you ever think so hard you swear you must be burning calories?

Did you dissect a frog in school?

Do you sleep with your cell phone in your bedroom?

Do you think President Trump watched Stormy Daniels’ ’60 Minutes’ interview?

Do you think asking about citizenship in the 2020 Census will result in undercounting?

Do you agree or disagree with the 2020 U.S. Census asking ‘Are you a U.S. citizen?’

Do you think ‘Cosmopolitan’ magazine is too inappropriate to be sold in checkout lines?

Do you think women’s NCAA basketball is underrated?

Editor’s Note: The results of these questions are often preliminary and do not yet incorporate the scientific rigor of our official or published research. For fully scientific results to these or any of our ongoing research, please contact us.