It’s National Coffee Day, but for many of us, we celebrate coffee every day. At CivicScience, we’ve been asking about coffee consumption since 2012.


A surprising 39% of people drink coffee every day, without fail. Here are four ways to spot a daily coffee drinker.

  1. Coffee fans are foodies – With the explosive growth of craft coffee, it’s no surprise to discover daily drinkers are also fans of food and cooking trends. They are also more likely to drink beer and wine regularly and prefer Merlot over Pinot Noir.
  2. Coffee fans are globe trotters – They are also more likely to be fans of home, cooking and travel TV shows. They don’t just watch travel, 59% of daily drinkers have been overseas at least once.
  3. Coffee fans focus on fitness – Those who can’t start the day without a caffeine kick are more likely to follow health and fitness trends, as well as own a fitness tracker. Conversely, the age-old coffee drinker stereotype holds true–daily drinkers are also slightly more likely to be smokers.
  4. Coffee fans brew at home – If you crave a cup of coffee every morning, chances are you’re making it at home. 76% of daily drinkers consume caffeine at home, and 18% get a jolt at work. The largest group to visit coffee shops is the “Occasional, but not often” group. 28% of them purchase coffee at a cafe, restaurant or coffee shop.   

Are you a daily drinker? Is this you to a T?