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In recent years, Zillow has skyrocketed to a leading app for house hunting. Current CivicScience polling data show a total of 57% of U.S. adults use or have used Zillow. After a positive earnings call, the company looks to keep growing, with goals to continue developing their ‘super app’ for all things housing related – buying and selling real estate, renting, touring, financing, and more.

But not everyone using Zillow is a serious home buyer or seller. In fact, 78% of past and present users say they browse Zillow for fun – 58% only use it for fun, while 20% use it for both fun and to buy and sell homes. Those percentages far outweigh Zillow users who are exclusively utilizing the app for home buying and selling (22%).

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From killing time to envisioning their dream home, who are the casual Zillow browsers among us? CivicScience data find that adults under age 54, women, and those with medium incomes ($50-$100K yearly) are the most likely to browse Zillow for fun. Suburban dwellers living in the Northeast and West regions also over-index as casual Zillow browsers. Additionally, a surprising majority (55%) are current homeowners. Nearly 30% are renters, while 11% live at home with mom and dad.

Here are five more unexpected insights from the CivicScience InsightStore™ about Zillow browsers: