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As the end of the year comes into view, advent calendars are making their annual appearance. What was once a primarily religious holiday ritual, these days advent calendars are beloved by consumers who may be counting down the days of the holiday season, or simply enjoying a fun surprise from their favorite brand each day. 

CivicScience data show that 22% of U.S. adults plan to participate in an advent calendar this year, down one percentage point from last year. Gen Z is the most likely to participate, with 38% interested this year. And while interest from Gen Z is down three percentage points from last year, interest among Millennials has jumped six percentage points to 30%. 

With so much interest in advent calendars, it’s no surprise that there’s a calendar for every taste. Food and wine calendars rank as the most popular, while calendars featuring toys, beauty and skincare products, as well as coffee and tea, all saw an increase in interest this year.

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That said, consumers who plan to use advent calendars this year exhibit distinct traits and consumer behaviors. Here are just five ways that advent calendar users differ from other people:

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