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Over the last decade, Friendsgiving has become an annual tradition for many Americans. People enjoy celebrating this twist on Thanksgiving, as it can take place on any day of the week, usually involves less stress, and is the only holiday tradition dedicated to celebrating friendships. This year, nearly a fifth of Americans will celebrate Friendsgiving – 5% have already hosted/attended one, and 13% have plans to do so. Conversely, over two-thirds aren’t planning on celebrating Friendsgiving this year, and 15% are still unsure – nearly mimicking numbers from last year.  

As one would expect, the Friendsgiving trend is led by Gen Z. Nearly a quarter of Gen Z adults aged 18-24 have either celebrated Friendsgiving this year or plan to, followed by younger Millennials aged 25-34 (22%). This compares to 17% of adults aged 35+ celebrating this unofficial holiday – which is still a significant share of consumers participating.

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Given the high interest in Friendsgiving, who can we anticipate will be celebrating this year? Here are five key insights about celebrators generated from the CivicScience InsightStore:

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