Every week, CivicScience is asking thousands of different poll questions – some fun and some serious – about the trends and topics of the day. Here are some popular questions in our system from the week. Click on the links below to answer yourselves and see the latest results:

Do pumpkin spice flavorings really taste like pumpkin to you?

Are you good at killing houseplants or keeping them alive?

Anchovies: love them or hate them?

Do you think hypnosis is real?

Do you have an emergency go-bag?

Have you ever dated someone you worked with?

The Philadelphia Flyers’ new mascot ‘Gritty’: love him or hate him?

Should politics be kept out of sports?

Do you find it impolite when people ask what you do for a living right after meeting them?

Do you have read receipts turned on for texting?

Editor’s Note: The results of these questions are often preliminary and do not yet incorporate the scientific rigor of our official or published research. For fully scientific results to these or any of our ongoing research, please contact us.