We knew that countless media outlets would fire off their analysis of Super Bowl features, particularly looking at the ads and other non-sports elements of the spectacle. Social media “buzz” tracking would give some immediate read on those people who posted to Facebook or Twitter during the game. But we know that only a small percentage of consumers actually live-post and those tend to be a decidedly young and female group.

So our goal was to put out the first truly quantitative and representative research after the Super Bowl. Using our distributed network of polls across the web, we were able to gather very rapid, large, and demographically-balanced results.

Given the sheer number of commercials during the game, we couldn’t poll everything. So we broke the ads into two categories: The Car Ads and the The Non-Car Ads. Finally, we gauged reactions to Madonna’s halftime show. The results of all three, weighted where necessary to reflect the entire US population, can be seen below. Enjoy.

Super Bowl Car ads

Super Bowl ads

Super Bowl Halftime Show