According to new CivicScience data, awareness and adoption of the online discount retail marketplace Temu are ramping up just in time for the holiday season.

Twenty percent (20%) of U.S. adults now say they’ve used Temu, exactly double the number that said the same in the last CivicScience check-in back in March. Awareness of the brand has also nearly doubled in that time, with the percentage of Americans who said they’ve never heard of Temu falling from 64% to 28%.

Amazon Competition

Could Temu potentially become a rival to the unquestioned leader in the online retail industry, Amazon? Well, anything’s possible. People who say they ‘love’ shopping on Amazon are the most likely to have used Temu by a wide margin, meaning the upstart platform could have the potential to siphon away purchases from Amazon’s most loyal customers.

Holiday Shopping With Temu

As far as the upcoming holiday season goes, 11% of U.S. adults familiar with Temu said they were ‘very likely’ to use Temu for holiday shopping, and another 20% were ‘somewhat likely.’ Social media advertising is likely the best path forward for Temu; those who cite social media as an influence are far more likely to holiday shop with Temu.

Additional quick stats on Temu shoppers from the CivicScience InsightStore:

  • People under the age of 30 were more than twice as likely to have used Temu (28%) as their older counterparts (12%).
  • Women are more likely than men to be aware of Temu and more likely to have used it.
  • Those with an annual income less than $50K are more likely than others to be aware of and use Temu.
  • Among all U.S. adults, 44% of people who plan to shop over Thanksgiving weekend say they are at least ‘somewhat likely’ to do holiday shopping on Temu this season.
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