This week, reports of being “somewhat concerned” about being in public spaces continue to eclipse those who are “not at all concerned.” 

Concern about the COVID-19 Delta variant also continues to remain high with 3 in 4 adults saying its spread is concerning.

It’s still the season for summer travel but comfort going on vacations is still dropping after reaching record-high levels in June. Just over half of U.S. adults say they’d feel comfortable traveling now. Still, this is a vast improvement from the first few months of the year.

This week, 70% of adults are comfortable shopping in stores right now which is significantly lower than June levels that reached as high as 82% 

Employment and the Economy 

On top of general concern about the pandemic rising, CivicScience data show that most Americans are becoming increasingly concerned about work. This week, concern over employment situations rose to the highest levels observed since the end of 2020.

But Americans are apprehensive about the economy in general. In fact, 2 in 5 people say that they think the economy will get worse over the next six months. 

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