The 2023 Grammys, which air Sunday, February 5, on CBS and Paramount+, bring some familiar heavyweights of years past to the top categories: a Beyoncé and Adele rematch, Kendrick Lamar (but without Macklemore to send him an apology text), and perennial Grammy favorite Brandi Carlile. But the fresher stars like Harry Styles, Lizzo, and Bad Bunny are also waiting in the wings to snatch Album of the Year. And when it’s the Grammys, you can truly never count out anyone from winning the top prize (even first-time nominees in the category, ABBA). But who will be watching?

According to CivicScience’s latest data, 15% of U.S. adults at least somewhat intend to watch the awards – with just 4% claiming they ‘definitely will.’ This comes on the heels of record-low viewership in 2021, which was narrowly edged out last year. The 2023 awards shouldn’t be too far off the mark – or too far from the lowly Golden Globes viewership, given how it mirrors our intent data for that show last month – even if they slightly exceed the recent nadir.

Some other rapid-fire insights about who’s watching the Grammys this weekend:

  • Adults with a favorable view of Beyoncé are slightly more likely to express Grammy intent (24%) than those with a favorable view of Adele (22%) – but Adele fans are more likely to say they ‘definitely will’ watch.
  • Hispanic and Black adults (29%) are more than twice as likely as white adults (12%) to express some intent to watch the Grammys, and white adults are the most likely to say they ‘definitely will not’ be watching (62%).
  • Current crypto investors significantly outpace the Gen Pop in Grammy intent, with 16% reporting they ‘definitely will’ watch – and 34% expressing at least some level of interest.

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