Grocery shopping is becoming increasingly difficult in the midst of this pandemic, be it online or in person. 

CivicScience numbers from the past 7 days point to 17% of Americans reporting they are using online grocery more. This is up substantially from the prior 7-day reading in which 13% said they were using online grocery more.

With more people opting to buy groceries online, the more issues have been reported. More people have tried to use grocery delivery in the past week than the 7 days prior, and more people have reported not being able to place an order at all or delays of days.

To nobody’s surprise, income impact spurs grocery delivery use, too. Those who are shopping online for groceries less are more likely to have lost their income all together due to the pandemic.

Lastly, those who have recently reported using online grocery more are the most worried in the past week or so, too.

Starting next week, we’ll begin to look at how overall online grocery delivery tracks through a trend adoption lens, now that the coronavirus is our current reality. Other than that initial spike in early to mid March, we’re not seeing too much new adoption in the past two weeks.

CivicScience will be reporting on how grocery delivery develops on a weekly basis.