The Gist: Avocado fans are unlikely to stop buying avocados, even after the recent national spike in avocado prices.

Just when we were wondering how long the avocado obsession could linger, reports have surfaced showing that the fruit’s increased cost could be keeping the superfood from ever reaching its peak.

While avocados have never been the most affordable produce, the price increase is the highest we’ve seen in recent history. What does this mean for the avocado industry?

Our survey data show that 2% of people eat avocados daily.

When we weigh avocado eaters to US Census figures (meaning 13+), a very clear story of the daily indulgers emerge.

The 2% who eat avocados daily are twice as likely to be unemployed and to live with their parents. This makes sense, as 25% of them are under the age of 18. While this group might Snapchat their daily avocado toast, it’s unlikely they’re making the grocery runs in the household. 

Will avocado fall off the family grocery list when the price gets too high? 

The weekly avocado eaters reveal a different profile. They’re more likely to be wine drinkers and follow health and fitness trends. In addition, they’re more likely to buy organic food. This group is slightly older than daily avocado eaters.

When you consider the household income of daily and weekly avocado eaters, it seems possible that they’ll both sustain their guac habits.

Avocado eaters crossed with annual household income. The survey data show that daily and weekly avocado eaters are more likely to have a higher income.

People who eat avocados daily are more likely than other respondents to have an annual household income over $100,000. This income bracket would surely ease the burden of paying extra for avocados. Next, 37% of people who eat avocados a few times a week report an annual household income over $100,000.

While it’s likely that fair weather avocado fans will drop the snack from their grocery list, avocado producers shouldn’t worry about losing their core fanbase. Sure, the price has gone up, but that doesn’t mean the fruit becomes any less healthy. Considering how avocado fans prioritize health, it doesn’t seem they’d be willing, or compelled, to sacrifice the green superfood to save some money. 

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