For the past several months, toilet paper has been a topic on many minds. As one of the top pandemic products to go missing from shelves across the U.S., it’s clear that toilet paper is one item Americans would prefer to not to be without. 

CivicScience asked more than 2,100 U.S. adults about their brand preferences when it comes to achieving a clean derriere. And as the data show, in the toilet paper aisle, one brand stands out from the rest: Charmin. 

In fact, 42% of U.S. adults (rebased by those who have used the following brands) indicated that they like Charmin a lot–that’s almost twice as much favorability as the next most popular brand. After Charmin, Americans opt for Cottonelle, Scott, and Quilted Northern, while Angel Soft and Seventh Generation rank at the bottom of the list. 

Brand vs. Price 

Despite the fact that U.S. adults seem to have clear brand preferences, the data below indicate that when it comes to shopping for toilet paper, 42% of U.S. adults say that brand and price matter equally. Overall, consumers are more likely to say that brand (37%) is at least a little more important than price (21%).

That said, people who like Charmin are very brand loyal–an unsurprising fact that confirms how, amongst Charmin shoppers, brand loyalty runs high. 

Qualities that Matter

However, brand and price are far from the only qualities that play a role in buying toilet paper. Beyond those two considerations, consumers value a toilet paper’s strength, softness and layers, with more than half of respondents agreeing that the first two are very important. 

Other qualities such as septic safety, lack of bleach and environmental impact are less important to consumers, overall. 

Once again, Charmin shows it has what it takes to grace the backsides of choosy consumers. In keeping with the general trends, those who prefer Charmin also place a high priority on toilet paper strength, softness and layers. 

Ultimately, Charmin beats all other brands to the bowl as the top toilet paper pick for U.S. adults. Loyalty runs high for this brand that also attracts shoppers with its toilet paper strength, softness and layers. So as the country continues to navigate the pandemic and the potential for increased restrictions rises, look out for Charmin to be snapped up from shelves.