CivicScience reaches millions of consumers who share valuable opinions and experiences with us every day. The Trend Adoption Tracker monitors emerging products, services, and trends across several categories over time. Click on awareness, intent, and ownership at the top of each chart to toggle between views and observe when certain types of products are experiencing growth, reaching a plateau / mainstream acceptance, or are on the way out.

The Latest Trend Adoption Insights

  • 5G has had a steady increase across metrics over the last 2 years, but in the last quarter we have seen a significant increase in ownership. This is likely due to a large push for 5G adoption nationally after the pandemic highlighted severe digital divides across the nation in 2020.
  • The jump in 5G ownership has likely been a contributor to the other tech trends all jumping slightly in awareness and/or usage in 2Q2021 as an increase in broadband capability should allow for easier adoption of other technology devices. 
  • Fitness tracking apps have seen a general decline in usage, intent, and awareness since their peak in 2Q2019. Considering the steady levels of awareness, intent, and usage of wearable fitness trackers during this timeframe as well, people appear to be more interested in the wearable fitness trackers than using an app to track their exercise. 
  • Over the course of 2020, online car shopping had taken a slight decline, in likelihood due to the financial crunch of 2020, but in 2Q2021 online car shopping took a turn upward and we saw similar levels of awareness and intent as seen at its peak in 2Q2019.
  • Oat milk has seen significant increases in popularity over the past year with awareness increasing by 10 percentage points and usage increasing by 4 percentage points.
  • Another newer trend we began tracking is Cryptocurrency, which has seen notable increases in awareness and usage just within the last quarter.