As 2021 came to a close, many of the products CivicScience tracked continued their trend lines, with a few notable insights below:  

  • Awareness, intent, and ownership of mesh WIFI and home security camera systems continues to increase, but awareness of mesh WIFI systems had the largest jump from last quarter.
  • Augmented reality continues to be the dominant trend growth in digital engagement products, with its awareness having the highest jump from Q32021.
  • While most of the finance products continue to grow in popularity, cryptocurrency intent and usage had a notable jump over other products since last quarter.
  • Intent for fitness tracking and mindfulness meditation apps grew from last quarter, which might be a seasonal indicator with people preparing for new year resolutions and recovering from the holidays.
  • While oat milk is the only product in food & beverage that grew in all three areas (awareness, intent, and usage), meal kit subscriptions had the second-largest increase in usage from Q32021.
  • While there was an increase in awareness of augmented reality shopping apps from last quarter, usage of online prescription glasses had the largest increase among the shopping behavior trends.
  • Usage of 5G had the largest increase from last quarter, which is not surprising given the increase in adoption by wireless carriers.
  • In the miscellaneous product category, fresh prepared dog food and online learning services had growth in all areas from last quarter.