The U.S. population is becoming increasingly concerned about the pandemic. This week, There was a four-percentage-point increase in those very concerned with being in public spaces, hitting levels not seen since April. 

Concern about the COVID-19 Delta variant also continues to rise. More adults have expressed concern about the COVID-19 Delta variant this week – reaching its highest point in a month. 

The restaurant industry has seen unprecedented demand as mask mandates and restrictions have been lifted across the country. However, as the pandemic continues, CivicScience data show that consumer comfort eating out at restaurants continues to follow the downward trend that started at the beginning of July. 

While men are slightly more comfortable eating out right now than women overall, comfort dropped more drastically among men (by 14 percentage points) since late June. 

Grandparents and parents are much less likely to be comfortable eating out in the past few weeks. Non-parents are about as likely to be comfortable as they were in June, though they started out with a lower comfort level. 

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