With the summer officially just weeks away, CivicScience data show an increase in comfort in resuming normal activities. Notably, comfort shopping in stores, traveling, and going back to work have reached the highest levels we’ve seen since the Delta surge last June. Similarly, concern about being in public spaces has begun to decline again after last week’s spike.

Despite growing economic concerns, travel intent has held steady this week with 59% of U.S. adults planning to travel in the next month.

And restaurant patrons have increased (76%, up 2pp) after declining over the past month. 

In fact, the percentage of those who expect to spend more on restaurants in the next month increased to 25% this week. However, groceries remain the top category for anticipated increased spending in June (51%).

The anticipated increase in spending mirrors sustained concerns about inflation and the economy, with 60% of consumers still feeling “very concerned” this week. Rapidly growing concerns over gas and energy prices reached a staggering 96%.

How is the growing strain on wallets shifting consumer spending? Check back in tomorrow to take a closer look at the resulting impact on access to basic needs like groceries and healthcare.