CivicScience’s COVID Comfort Index crept slightly upward over the past week, but 4 of the 6 indicators were either stagnant or down. Slightly more Americans said they were now comfortable traveling (53%) and attending large public events (55%) than the prior week – accounting for the overall index increase – but comfort with working fell for the second week in a row (now 66%), continuing an up-and-down year for this category in 2022.

Meanwhile, comfort with other everyday activities (like shopping, eating out, and going to the movies) held firm. In fact, Americans’ comfort with going to restaurants and movie theaters has not increased for the past three weeks. Comfort with retail shopping has inched upward only three points total over the past six weeks. In short, while many more Americans continue to become more comfortable traveling and attending big events all the time, we’re not seeing the same type of improvement in terms of going out for dinner and a movie. Check out our COVID Check-In infographic for more details.

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