Telemedicine has become a necessity due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the group of people who have adopted it after the pandemic hit the US is huge (and growing). The CivicScience DeepProfile™ product scours hundreds of attributes to uncover what makes groups of people different from the general population. The following DeepProfile™ exploring those who have tried telemedicine after March 8 found that people who are using telemedicine tend to be older with higher incomes ($100k+), generally ages 35-54. However, there was a rise in telemedicine usage overall during quarantine. U.S. adults who tried telemedicine have increased from 17% to 32% since March. Given this rise in telemedicine usage, here is what we know about users.

Key Findings

  • Telemedicine users are much more informed consumers than the average person, likely an age proxy.
  • Telemedicine users generally over-index the gen pop in managing money. This includes frequent online banking (65% / 57%) and mobile device banking (59% / 49%) which is surprising due to the older ages of most telemedicine users.
  • Telemedicine users over-index on regularly eating at casual restaurants (32% / 27%), but also over-index on regularly searching for online recipes (52%; 43%) and highly valuing food (58% / 51%). It appears that food is important to users, but they enjoy a mix of cooking and dining out.
  • Telemedicine users are slightly less price-conscious than the gen pop, which could be due to age because older people are generally more established with higher income streams and would therefore be less price-conscious.
  • In general, telemedicine users are generally more influenced by social media than the gen pop (34% / 29%), specifically towards electronics as it is important for telemedicine users to have well-functioning electronics (28% / 24%). They are also more likely to actively use most social media platforms, excluding Snapchat which could be due to its young user base.
  • Telemedicine users slightly over-index on following health and fitness trends (54% / 48%) and regularly exercising (63%; 60%). However, they surprisingly under-index on good overall health (80% / 84%) and value health and fitness equally as the gen pop (40%; 40%).
  • Telemedicine users generally over-index compared to the gen pop in environmental consciousness.
  • Telemedicine users are generally more tech savvy than the general population and over-index on following technology trends (59% / 50%). They generally over-index on entertainment technology as well, specifically on owning an eReader (34%; 26%) and using DVR (59% / 53%) which could be influenced by the older ages of most users.

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