While still in its infancy, streaming video-on-demand service Discovery+ made headlines for reaching 11 million subscribers last week. A recent survey of more than 2,500 U.S. adults revealed 12% are currently subscribed to Discovery+ while 9% still intend to sign up.

The day after the launch of Discovery+, CivicScience projected 17% of consumers were likely to subscribe to the service. When merging CivicScience data on actual subscribers and those who now say they intend to subscribe, we see that sign-ups could reach 20% of U.S. adults.

Previously, age data hardly correlated with someone’s likelihood to subscribe, which is still mostly true. But actual Discovery+ users fall heavily in the 35- to 54-year-old age group (16%). 

Before the full swing of subscribers, people making more than $150K per year over-indexed in likelihood to subscribe to Discovery+. But, after several weeks, it turns out that the income group making between $50K and $150K has the most users.

While users of HBO Now previously reported high interest in Discovery+ at its launch, interest has only translated into 10% of active subscribers and 9% of intenders. On the other hand, Disney+ users report being active subscribers to Discovery+ at a 20% rate with 14% planning to add it to their suite of subscriptions – much higher than originally anticipated at launch.

Lastly, it appears that sole DIY-ers are the least likely to subscribe to Discovery+ (home of HGTV shows and the new Magnolia Network). But the DIY dabblers or possible newbies (those who are going to take on some renovations themselves but will also be hiring professionals) are the greatest subscribers and intenders of Discovery+.