According to ongoing CivicScience surveying through the month of August, a greater and greater portion of U.S. adults say they’re Disney+ subscribers.

Thirty-six percent (36%) of the 4,255 adults surveyed in the final week of August said they currently subscribe to the streaming video platform — an all-time high. In fact, the Disney+ subscriber base has been growing steadily since the debut of Hamilton on the service at the beginning of July — just as we predicted it might.

Now, with the platform’s next major debut, Mulan, set to roll out to subscribers on Friday for an extra $30 fee, could Disney+ get another subscriber boost?

It’s quite possible. While the intent to purchase Mulan among the general U.S. population (including non-subscribers) is pretty modest at 5%, things look more promising when we zoom in on current subscribers. And interestingly, the outlook for Disney gets even better when we look at those who say they intend to subscribe to Disney+.

About 8% of current Disney+ subscribers say they’re at least somewhat likely to buy Mulan — better than 5%, but still fairly modest. But strikingly, more than 1 in 5 (22%) of those who are thinking about subscribing to Disney+ say the same — including 1 in 10 intenders who say they’re “very likely” to buy it. 

Similarly to what we saw with Hamilton, it seems the arrival of Mulan on the service could lure in a substantial number of those who’ve been on the fence about subscribing to Disney+.