Get your sunscreen, passport, and zest for adventure ready because summer is right around the corner! And CivicScience survey results of 2,000+ respondents show that Americans are eager to take a much-needed trip (or two) this summer. 

Here’s what we’re seeing in summer travel trends. 

1. 34% of Americans plan to travel on an airplane in the next six months.

Despite mask mandates being lifted / lessened and recent news of airlines adjusting summer flight schedules, such as Delta, reducing flights by 100 daily departures to minimize disruptions, many Americans are planning to travel by airplane. Results show that a third of U.S. adults plan to travel by airplane in the next six months, which is equal to the percentage of those who will also be traveling but not by plane this summer (34%.)

Why not plan more than one summer trip? Among those with travel plans, one-third of U.S. adults expect to take two trips / vacations this summer, and 6% plan to take five or more. 

2. International travel is up from last year. 

Compared to last summer, there’s a slight increase in those traveling out of the country (14% now versus 10% last June). However, the majority plan to travel domestically (87%).

When it comes to choosing a travel destination, U.S. adults seek familiarity this year. The majority of travel-goers are more likely to vacation / visit somewhere they’ve been before (69%).

3. Nearly half of travelers are prioritizing relaxation.

For many, summer vacation is about relaxing and escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And results show that many Americans are ready to kick their feet up and relax. Forty-seven percent seek ‘relaxation’ the most, followed by ‘visiting friends and family’ (19%).

Employed Americans are seeking a change of pace in their summer travels. Remote workers are more likely to want adventure and to visit family / friends, while those who work in a physical location are most likely to seek relaxation.

4. How does job satisfaction impact summer travel plans?  

Results show that happiness levels in current jobs impact what Americans seek the most in summer travel. Those happy in their job are more likely to seek adventure than those who are unhappy with their job. 

Summer travel plans look quite different this year. From getting out and exploring to finding some time for R&R, Americans are ready for a change of pace and scenery.