For the deal-oriented shopper, there is no better mecca than Marshalls. When no visit is the same, shoppers flock to the retailer to experience a new store each time. In a shopping culture that’s increasingly shifting online, Marshalls and sister company TJ Maxx’s shares have doubled over the past five years.

What brings fans back to Marshalls again and again?

Food Fanatics. Marshalls fans love food. They enjoy cooking and follow food and cooking trends. Beyond whipping up dishes in the kitchen, Marshalls fans also enjoy eating out at fast casual and upscale restaurants. Considering Marshalls extensive home pantry section with high-end food and cooking equipment, it makes sense foodies would find fandom here.

Charitable Customers. Marshalls fans are more likely to donate to charities overall, with emphasis on health, education, environment and religious nonprofits. Marshalls already has established relationships with St. Jude’s and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. While Marshalls has started environmental initiatives, the company could bolster its program, increasing customer sentiment.

Fitness Fashionistas/os. People who value health and fitness are more likely to be fans of Marshalls. The store has increased its fitness gear options in recent years, and the home wear section often offers cardio accessories. Marshalls should continue to expand its fitness fashion offerings to keep fans enticed.  

TV Fans. In earlier days, we’d call Marshalls fans channel surfers–nowadays, we just call them peak TV aficionados. People who shop at Marshalls have a wide variety of TV interests, including travel and home TV, reality TV and TV dramas. Marshalls shoppers also take their viewing habits online, they’re more likely than non-fans to use Netflix. Decidedly non-digital, Marshalls is best off reaching fans and potential fans through TV ads or episode product placement.

Conscious Consumers. People who shop at Marshalls are more likely to favor socially conscious businesses. Beyond simply donating proceeds or charity work, Marshalls should consider selling more brands with a social mission in the store.

With their variety of interests that align with in-store experience, Marshalls has the ability to maintain and grow its fandom if it continues to capitalize on trends and interests of its shoppers.