As many Americans start preparing for those blissful days of holiday vacation time, with calendars blocked off and laptops shut until 2024, it’s only natural to daydream about all the things you’ll get to catch up on – quality time with loved ones, chores around the house, and perhaps, those shows that have been sitting in your queue. 

Holiday binge-watching is nothing new. CivicScience data provide a glimpse of what holiday binge-watching on streaming platforms will look like this season:

Holiday Binge-Watching Is Down This Year 

According to the data, 46% of Americans are at least ‘somewhat likely’ to binge-watch streaming content this holiday season. For those keeping track, that’s a sharp decrease from last year, when 55% of respondents said the same. It’s possible that declining interest in holiday binge-watching relates to a growing number of consumers reducing or downgrading their streaming subscriptions to cut costs, as shown by recent CivicScience data.

The biggest draw for viewers this year (48% to be exact) is getting to binge on TV shows and series that they haven’t yet seen. Movies they haven’t yet watched are next on the list, with 47% of Americans saying they are most excited about this genre. 

Additionally, 41% are planning to watch holiday movies – that’s two percentage points higher than last year. So rest assured, despite decreased overall binge-watching plans, the holiday spirit is alive and well – and perhaps even a bit stronger.

The fact that 32% of U.S. adults consider “Die Hard” a Christmas movie may prompt questions as to what exactly counts in the holiday movie category. We’ll let you mull that over, or perhaps ask someone aged 35-54, as this age group feels strongest about “Die Hard’s” holiday classification. 

Join the Conversation: In your opinion, is “The Nightmare Before Christmas” more of a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? 🎃🎄

Binge-Watchers Prefer Comedy

More broadly, what genres will Americans be watching across streaming platforms? 

Comedy comes in first. Currently, 65% of those who are very likely to binge-watch this holiday season say they typically watch comedy content. Dramas come in second (60%), followed by action (52%).

It’s worth noting that 39% of those who are ‘very likely’ to binge-watch this holiday season say they are highly influenced by their friends and other contacts on social media when it comes to choosing what to watch. Now is not the time to underestimate the power of a viral review. 

Given the decrease in overall intent, holiday binge-watching may look a little different this year. With fewer Americans turning to their streaming services, attention may be more dispersed. But for those who do tune in, holiday movies and belly laughs will punctuate the last few weeks of the year. 

Additional Insights from the CivicScience InsightStore™:

  • In a comparison of the three, Disney+ users are the most likely to binge-watch content over the holidays, followed by Amazon Prime Video and Netflix users.
  • Those who prefer to watch movies at home are more likely to holiday binge-watch than those who prefer to watch movies in theaters.
  • Holiday travelers are significantly more likely to binge streaming content this year than those who won’t be traveling.

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