At time of writing, daily average Covid case numbers are at lower levels than they were in the fall of 2021. As cases decline by the day, CivicScience data shows concern about being in public spaces continues to decline as well, with those feeling “very concerned” dropping to 12% this week, one of just a handful of times the figure dipped this low and the first time in over six months.

As for all the activities CivicScience tracks, consumer comfort has continued to increase for most, including shopping in stores (72%, +2pp), going out to restaurants (68%, +2pp), and going to major public events (51%, +1pp).

After hitting a new high point last week following weeks of growth, plans to travel in the next month are starting to level off.

The Pandemic’s Toll on Healthcare

Ongoing tracking shows that roughly a quarter of U.S. adults say they are at least somewhat unhealthy right now. Even as Covid cases drop across the country, reports of health issues remain steady if not slightly elevated.

On the topic of health, new surveys were created to understand the longterm health impacts of the pandemic when it comes to preventative care and other medical procedures. 

The results show that close to half (46%) of the general adult population has experienced (or has someone in their household who has experienced) scheduling issues when trying to visit a doctor during the pandemic (close to a third of whom are still experiencing this today).

Furthermore, 27% U.S. adults report that they or someone in their household has even experienced delays / cancellations when it comes to medical procedures or surgeries (nearly half of whom are still waiting today).

Stay tuned for an in-depth study on health visits, further examining demographics and specific health conditions from these surveys.