CivicScience data has shown that inflation and gas prices continue to impact grocery and restaurant spending as the weeks go on. This week is no different.

Intent to dine out increased slightly this week, but general plans to get food from a restaurant remained mostly unchanged as fewer people expect to order takeout in the next week.

Perhaps more stunning are the spending categories consumers have cut back on or anticipate cutting back on. While it’s clear that consumers have cut back substantially across the board (or plan to), restaurants are taking the biggest hit at 51%. The data also show that in addition to reducing dining out habits, 37% of U.S. adults say they have cut back on food delivery.

Another recent change in this space is the added cost of fuel surcharges for food delivery. In a separate survey, about half of American adults who usually order food delivery say such a surcharge has prevented them from doing so in the past month.

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