New Year’s is one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States, behind Thanksgiving and Christmas, and nearly as popular as Halloween. CivicScience data show that 59% of U.S. adults say they typically celebrate New Year’s. In particular, roughly the same percentage plans to celebrate New Year’s Eve this year.

Here are three key New Year’s Eve insights from the CivicScience InsightStore™ about how Americans plan to ring in 2024 – from parties and toasting at midnight to traveling abroad:

Party On

Plenty of Americans plan to go to New Year’s Eve parties this year. Nearly one-third will either be attending or hosting a party, while 5% plan to go out to bars or clubs. Just over 1-in-2 will be spending the evening at home with loved ones.

As expected, young adults are the most likely to find themselves at party spots – additional data show the majority of those under age 35 will be hosting or attending a party, or going to bars or clubs. On the other hand, the majority of those over 35 will be at home with their families.

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More Than 1 in 3 Will Say ‘Cheers’

Alcohol remains an important part of New Year’s Eve celebrations for 37% of drinking-age Americans, outweighing those who don’t plan to drink this year. Drinking-age Gen Z adults and young Millennials are the most likely to plan to celebrate with alcohol. However, Millennials are also the most likely to say they won’t be drinking.

How many will be putting a cork in drinking alcohol after the festivities end? Check out what CivicScience data predicts for this coming Dry January.

Few Will Head to a Vacation Spot

For some, New Year’s is best spent far away from home. Data show that 9% of U.S. adults (excluding those ‘not sure’) will be traveling to a vacation destination, down from 12% last year. Going somewhere outside of the United States is slightly more popular than vacationing domestically (5% to 4%) this year.

Perhaps many New Year’s travelers will be planning an extended stay away from home to kick off the new year – the majority of these travelers identify as remote or hybrid workers.

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