Half of the general population of Americans 21 and older have had some experience with various cannabidiol (CBD) products or intend to give them a try soon. As the pandemic continues to change how consumers feel and make decisions, new data from CivicScience illustrate key drivers of this increasingly prevalent trend.

Over the last three months, people who are at least somewhat concerned about the continued spread of the Delta variant are much more likely to have used or plan to use CBD products (though roughly half of the population of all levels of concern remain CBD-hesitant).

High levels of stress and anxiety compared with CBD use further emphasizes fear of the Delta variant.

The more strongly people have felt stressed or worried over the past three months has made them much more likely to have tried CBD products, regardless of whether they were satisfied with them or not. 

And of people buying CBD products, edibles and gummies are by far the most popular kind of product. 

While edibles are every age group’s favorite, Millennials and of-age Gen Zers show significantly more interest in CBD vaping products.

CBD skincare and other beauty products are relatively new to the market compared to other established products.  Among people who use skincare and beauty products, more than one-third are at least somewhat interested in ones that contain CBD. 

With a diversity of CBD products available it’s no surprise that many believe that the general popularity of CBD is only on the rise.

So, while myths and stigmas will likely persist around cannabidiol products, especially among older populations, CBD use demonstrates a continued growth among younger age groups, and with an ever-expanding array of product types.