Everybody has something to say or write during the holidays, so we try to switch it up with something other than your run-of-the-mill holiday guide or cookbook (not that there’s anything wrong with that – we do it, too).

It all started around the time of the election, when everyone and their mother had something to say about the candidates. Throughout the commentary, we realized that no one was answering the question that everybody needed to know, “Who would Harry Potter vote for?”

And now, it’s Thanksgiving, and we wanted to take our hard-hitting, life-changing, business-generating Harry Potter research out of the broom closet. So, we relaunched our initial question around Hogwarts houses, and one thing stood out – but it’s not about Harry Potter. Let’s talk Luna Lovegood – one of the quirkiest HP characters.

CivicScience graph showing that 30% of Hufflepuffs, when talking about fictional Hogwarts houses, don't eat meat.

Are you seeing what we’re seeing? 17% of Hufflepuffs are either vegetarian or vegan, and 13% of them are mostly vegetarian, but occasionally eat meat. This greatly exceeds our recent research on the rise of veganism.

Is this all-too-surprising? No. I mean, could you really picture Luna Lovegood eating meat? Probably not. Regardless, we find this insight pretty entertaining.

So, if you have a happy, healthy Hufflepuff joining you at the Thanksgiving table this year, make sure to bring the veggies! If you need some last-minute inspiration for vegan recipes, here are some classics.

Lastly, to those who celebrate, we hope you enjoy your holiday!