Starting Tuesday, Amazon Prime members will now have access to ad-free music and podcasts at no additional cost. This move will not only allow the tech company to keep up with music streaming competitors like Spotify, who offer free versions, but it could also help drive its $139 yearly Prime membership bundle to more consumers.

According to the most recent CivicScience data, just more than a third of U.S. adults without an Amazon Prime membership say they are now at least ‘somewhat likely’ to sign up, given the newest music and podcast streaming feature. However, 66% are not interested in converting.

Interest is overwhelmingly high among young Gen Z adults, with nearly 7-in-10 respondents without a membership saying they’re now interested in signing up, and younger Millennials take second (50%). Older generations are the least likely to convert, likely as a result of these age brackets holding the largest percentage of current Amazon Prime members. 

What else we’re seeing in the data:

  • Where does interest lie among other popular music streaming platforms? Excluding those who already have Amazon Prime, 72% of Apple Music streamers are at least ‘somewhat likely’ to sign up, compared to almost 46% of Spotify users. 
  • Most consumers think music streaming services pay musicians / artists ‘too little’ (41%). Thirty-six percent of respondents say they get ‘just enough’ and 23% think they get paid ‘too much’ (excluding those unsure).

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