Depending on your vantage point, the rise of AI might inspire some combination of fear, amusement, or hope for the future. Recent weeks have seen a rise in numerous AI-generated chat and art tools, which sparked a buzz on social media and tech circles. Among them is ChatGPT – a conversational tool that answers questions, offers opinions, and imagines scenarios based on your input – and Lensa, which creates profile portraits from AI for social media accounts.

Since these are clearly just the tip of the iceberg, and some of the most successful applications of AI technology to date, CivicScience polled Americans on their attitudes toward ChatGPT and AI-generated content more broadly. The vast majority of U.S. adults are unfamiliar with ChatGPT (79%), and among those who are familiar, nearly half haven’t tried it and aren’t interested. That said, intending users (25%) currently rival the percentage who already have (26%).

AI-generated chat and art programs more generally are still a niche interest (63% of Americans are unfamiliar), but two-thirds of those who have an opinion of some kind hold an unfavorable view. That said, Gen Z adults familiar with AI-generated tech outpace the Gen Pop in overall favorability (49% versus 35%). All older age brackets fall closer in line with the national average, with the 55-and-older set more than doubling Gen Z and Millennial adults in holding a ‘highly unfavorable’ view of it.

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