CivicScience data show that Americans who support the prisoner swap to free Brittney Griner, in exchange for convicted Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, are in a distinct minority. In a time of geopolitical unrest between Washington and Moscow, the slim support is not entirely surprising.

According to a representative sample of U.S. adults (n=2,000) more than half of respondents (52%) disagree with the negotiated prisoner swap. Less than a quarter of respondents strongly agree with the decision.

The results are clearly driven by political affiliation, but the topline majority disapproval spans political leanings. Moderates (composed of those who lean Republican, lean Democrat, or deem themselves Independent) are driving the overall disapproval of the swap as well (more than half disapprove). More than three-fourths (82%) of respondents who identify as strong Republicans disagree with the decision. 

Clearly, this was a controversial decision that is unlikely to alleviate what is a lot of political division in the United States.

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