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Measure and forecast media consumption trends

Enhance your audience intelligence

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Key Features

Understand what people intend to watch and what advertisers might appeal to them

Identify different audience and consumer segments, including loyalists, persuadables, detractors, at-risk consumers, and competitor loyalists. Conduct custom ‘expectation science’ research to predict audience turnout and content or product offer success.

Learn what people think of media content, and monitor always-on trending reports as often as you want

Understand detailed media consumption behaviors and attitudes, including device and viewing preferences, to know which media planning and buying selections will make the biggest impact for desired targets.

Keep in touch with how they watch and what they use to watch

From traditionalists to cord-cutters, keep an eye on what audiences value most. Use that information to drive content and distribution choices.

Understand the value of celebrity and brand influence

Quickly measure which brands and celebrities over-index among different segments. Measure and evaluate the effectiveness of ongoing and new campaigns and content offerings.

Industry Insights

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