​​As we emerge from the brunt of the pandemic and professional sports have resumed in near full-force, CivicScience data show the fandom of sports is increasing nationwide. Here are five snippets from our latest CivicScience Sports Season Report, which is free for all clients and publisher partners in full.

We’re observing general interest in sports returning.

This interest in sports is back among women and men at similar rates.

Americans are sharing sports news on social media at the highest rate we’ve observed to date, with roughly a third of consumers reporting they do so at least occasionally.

While traditional cable is still the most common way people watch sports at home, 2-in-5 adults watch sports via some other method (mainly streaming services).

Women’s professional sports (NWSL and WNBA) are gaining more traction, surpassing popularity of NASCAR and UFC and matching that of MLS (which has also gained popularity in the last year).