It’s clear by now that not all brands will recover from the coronavirus crisis at the same pace. Some consumers are simply more willing to get out and shop post-lockdown than others. That means the stores and brands that these ‘eager beaver’ shoppers like could potentially get a more immediate boost than other brands. 

When it comes to discount department stores, Kohl’s seems to have the advantage over Ross. Consumers who are favorable to Kohl’s (46% of all U.S. adults in the past year) were much more likely than Ross favorables (33% of U.S. adults) to say they’d be comfortable returning to stores within a month.

Another factor coming into play is customers returning items after a long period of being unable to do so. As a drop-off point for returns on items bought on, Kohl’s may see an influx of foot traffic as consumers who had not been returning items in-store begin to do so. CivicScience data show that Kohl’s favorables are 25% more likely to return items in-store soon than Ross favorables.

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