Leggo My Eggo has never rung so true after Kellogg’s days-old recall of its Nutri-Grain whole wheat waffles in 25 states. Though no illnesses have been reported, the company is concerned the product was infected with listeria. As a quick high school biology refresher – this bacteria could mean bad news for children and older people, especially.

Will this news affect consumers?

Most consumers have not heard about the Eggo Nutri-Grain Waffles Recall, and those who have are still likely to purchase Eggo waffles in the future.

It looks like there may be a light at the end of the tunnel for Eggo’s bacterial woes. The large majority of people we asked are not affected by the recall, and the next largest group, at 30%, has not heard about the recall. Similar to their product recall in June, this issue may have been overshadowed by other, more pressing, national events.

People who have heard about this recall, unsurprisingly, are more likely to have children. Regardless, we found that these parents aren’t any more likely to ditch Eggo products in the future than non-parents.

Out of those who do purchase Eggo products, the majority are still willing to buy them in the future (16%), while only 8% are less likely or not at all likely to buy Eggo products again.

This 8% is somewhat to be expected, as infectious bacteria are certainly a scary possibility. It’s surprising, however, to see how many people are willing to forego Eggo’s turmoil for the sake of their waffles. Then again, given how delicious they are, maybe it’s not all too surprising.

It seems like similar to the product recall a few months back, Kellogg’s will quickly bounce back from this potential-nightmare.